Saturday, January 26, 2013

15 Months!!

Charlotte and Evelyn are 15 (almost 16) months!!  They are just so much fun I can hardly stand it.  They are crazy little girls with some big personalities that couldn't be more different.  I have heard the question, "Do they act the same? Or, are they different?"  a few too many times.  I think that people don't realize that fraternal twins are simply siblings that happened to be born at the same time.  Their genetic makeup is different and they are two TOTALLY different people!

Evelyn is quite the socialite and a huge talker.  I think she talks for her sister too.  She isn't afraid of anyone and loves to be held by everyone.  She is assertive and always seems to know what she wants.  But, when she doesn't get her way she will swat at you and scratch.  She's always goes for bare skin too... never a sleeved arm or leg with pants on... the will go straight for the face, ankle, foot, etc.  It must be frustrating when you can't express clearly what you want, but I think she will be able to soon.  She has a huge vocabulary!  Evy is truly a daddy's girl.  She loves to just sit with daddy and read books or do whatever. Oh, and how can I forget!  She calls everything a bear.  She will look at something and say, "its the bear!"  She does know what a bear is... but maybe everything else just looks like a bear too? Who knows! But its pretty cute.  She loves to say "washy washy" too and pretend to wash her hair.  Adorable!  Charlotte knows what washy washy means, but just pretends to wash her hair instead of repeating it back.

Charlotte is a bit more reserved.  She is scared of strangers.... especially men.  When we went home for Christmas she was petrified of my brother and of Brian's brother as well.  She likes to be held by her mama and sometimes mama only.  If she isn't feeling well, all she wants is her blankey, thumb and mama.  Char is very observant and likes to just sit back and watch.  I can tell she's listening because she can point to things and copy you, just not repeat everything verbally quite yet.

Evy's words so far: (and I'm sure I'm leaving some out)  mama, dada, its the dog, its the kitty, its the bear, shoe, hot, sit down, washy washy, bye bye, hi, yes, and probably a lot more that I'm forgetting.

Char's words so far: mama, dada, hot, yes, hi, dog, and she just started saying bye.  (although she does wave when we say bye bye!)

They can point to body parts such as foot, tummy, and nose if we say, "honk honk."

The girls are in size 4 diapers and mostly 18 month clothes.  Charlotte still wears a lot of 12 month pants because the waist on the 18 month pants are a little too loose.  They do wear some shirts that are 24 months but the sleeves are a little too long on them.  They wear size 5.5 W shoes and will probably fit into the size 6 pretty soon.

Height: 31 inches
Weight: 24lbs 2oz

Height: 31 inches
Weight: 22lbs  0oz

The girls love to play with their dog, the kitty and all of their toys.  They mostly like to take toys out of the bins, and soon we will be working on putting the toys back IN the bins that they came out of.  They are figuring out the function of the toys too.... they can push buttons that make noise and today Char figured out how to use the xylophone. I think Char will be really into music.  She loves so sit on daddy's lap and help him play the guitar... she will even strum it when its in the stand very gently without knocking it over.  Evy loves climbing on things, especially chairs made for kids.  Sometimes she will grab a blankey or a stuffed animal, climb into her chair and just chill for a while.  They both like climbing onto the couch and running around on it.  Thank goodness they finally figured out how to go off backwards.  It was pretty crazy trying to play, "Catch the baby!" when they would just run right off the couch and have no idea where it started or ended.

The girls love to listen to their own voices and love to converse with each other.  When they wake up in the morning or at nap time I can hear them just chatting away until I go and get them up.  I just love that they have a built in best friend.  It must be great!!  They play together and keep each other entertained.  Sometimes they even work together!

We finally had to separate them into two separate cribs.  When Evy started her scratching thing, she took it out on Char's face during nap time and bed time.  We set up two "new" cribs that a fellow twin mom gave to me and moved their crib into the boys' room.  They are in an L shape which is nice because they can still see each other through the bars.  When we rearranged the room, we set their hamper next to one of the cribs.  Well, one day when Brian went to go check on them because they weren't sleeping after an hour of being in their cribs he discovered that they had emptied the hamper, passed clothes around to each other and were trying to put on all of the clothes!  Char took them out, handed them to Evy through the bars and there it was... a huge mess!  It was pretty genius and I'm glad to see that they can work together at only 15 months  :).

They can both run and often do so when they have something they shouldn't.  They try and run away but there's no place to go!  They will also walk from their room to the living room when I say, "Let's go!" which is very convenient since its becoming more difficult each day to carry them around.  They will also walk themselves to their bedroom at nap/bed time but lately have been veering off into the bathroom to check things out.  Yuck!

They seem to be very smart girls to me... but I am their mama and think that everything they do is absolutely amazing!  :) They make me smile every time they do something new or cute!  Even when its saying, "washy washy" and washing their hair with peanut butter all over their fingers or opening up their sandwich and smashing it all in their hair. Their laughs are electric and absolutely contagious.  You can't help but to smile when you hear them!

I think they will make great big sisters!  I still think they have no idea they will have brothers in the month though.  We have been working with their "pretend brothers" and talking about mommy's tummy.  They like to pet my tummy... but they also like to pet the dog and cat.

They now eat pretty much everything!  But, they eat a lot of blueberries, blackberries,pears, apples, cherrios, (they love bananas but we had to cut them out because of constipation), avocado, turkey, cheese (but we cut a lot of this out too), cottage cheese, yogurt, some veggies (carrots, broccoli, peas), pasta with or without sauce, and their favorite right now is peanut butter sandwiches.  I'm pretty sure they could eat these for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

13 Months (in their Halloween Costumes)

14 Months

15 Months!

Evy with Berries!


Charlotte with Berries!!



Charlotte- trying to help with the housework



Char & Evy all zonked out over the holidays at the in-laws house

Evy & Char (before haircut)





Mama and Evy

Evy & Char after swimming

Evy's lovely bedhead 

Evy, mama and Char

Yummm, Pizza! Evy

Char enjoying some cake

Char- dogs say Woof!

Evy- investigating her cake

Char & Evy playing with mama's shoes

Evy in her chair with the bear


Aleta said...

Your daughters are beautiful! Love the berries pictures of them, had me laughing. I think my parents have something like that of my brother and I when we went to my grandparent's home.

It make it sound easy to raise twins :) But there's no easy in raising children, I'm sure to find out :)

Liz said...

Your girls are very cute! You are going to be a very busy momma in a few weeks, at lest you know what you are in for ;)