Friday, January 25, 2013

30 to 33 weeks

Things have been pretty nutty these days... hence no real updates so here we go!

30 weeks:
I had a growth scan at 30 weeks.  The boys measured perfectly!  A was 4lbs and B was 3lbs 12oz.   Both in the 60-70th percentile.  The appointment was on a Thursday and on Sunday I started having major contractions.  They lasted about 3ish hours!  I called the on call doc and he said to drink a bunch of water, take a bath, and drink a bunch more water.  I did that and they settled down (thank goodness!) 

31 Weeks:
That Monday I went back to work after the long winter break.  I hadn't really been feeling the babies very much, so I ended up calling the doc and they had me come in for an NST.  One of the babies wasn't very responsive n the monitor so sat there for like an hour and a half!  I had to leave work early and get someone to cover a couple classes.  I'm glad I went in though just to check on them and make sure they were both okay!

32 weeks:
This is the week that I was supposed to start my weekly NST tests.  I took a half day off of work and went in to get checked out.  After the NST was done, I met with the doc to check things out.  He measured my cervix and said it was at 5cm! Which seems crazy since at my growth ultrasound it was like 3.25.  But who knows...  He also checked the positions of the babies.  A is still head down and B is still transverse so we are good to go for a VBAC.  All of the doctors seem to be on board with a vaginal delivery as long as I know that one of them may have to do a breech extraction (aka stick his/her hand up there and pull the baby out feet first or turn him to head down. )  Sounds pretty awful, but so does another c-section.

33 weeks:
This is where things are getting interesting....  I went in on Wed (exactly 33 weeks) for my routine weekly NST and follow up with the doc.  The NST was just fine, but I was having a bunch of contractions... like 6 big ones in the hour that I was on the monitors.  I saw a doc that isn't my favorite and when she saw all the contractions, she decided to do an exam to see if I was dilated and then potentially send me to the hospital for more monitoring.  Well, I was 1cm dilated so she sent me over for 2 hours of monitoring which turned into almost 5!  She originally told the nurse that they were 2-3 minutes apart (which they weren't.. they were like 10) and that I was positive for group strep B (they haven't even done the test yet)  so somebody got some wrong information or the doc was just being crazy.  Since the contractions didn't ease up, I got a shot of terbutaline which makes you feel shaky and makes your heart race like you just drank 10 cups of coffee.  When that wore off the contractions came back so they gave me some procardia and then watched me a little longer.  They seemed to stop with that so they sent me home with a script for more procardia and said that I shouldn't work, or really do much of anything from here on out. 

So, here we are! 33 weeks 2 days.  I am done with work and ready to start my new job as mommy for the next 6ish months.  I go in on Monday for a fetal fibro something test that I think tests for preterm labor or something and another internal exam to see if my cervix is opening up any more or if is the same.  Then, on Friday I go in for another growth ultrasound to see how big these boys are.  I'm guessing they are HUGE by now :) 

I haven't gained any weight in about a month.  I am up to about 201 so that means I have only gained about 35lbs so far which seems like not much at all.  I am feeling pretty crappy these days, but I know the importance of keeping them in as long as possible.  If the test I have on Mon says that I will go into labor early, I may get shots of steroids to mature their lungs.  White boys lungs mature the slowest and I want to give them a fighting chance to have mature lungs and not end up in the NICU.  That's a parent's worst nightmare!  Especially with 2 little ones at home that wouldn't be able to go to the NICU either.  So there we have it!  Hopefully we won't be making a birth announcement too soon.  Grow babies grow!

I love this one!! He looks like Charlotte!

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Aleta said...

I'm so glad they were able to stop the contractions. How scary! You write about it calmly, but I'm sure your heart was racing with everything going on. Sending prayers that you carry to full term. I've heard about steroids being used lung maturation.

I've been told by my doctor that she will induce at 39 weeks if I haven't gone naturally by then (I'm 34 weeks), due to high blood pressure.