Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I have to say that 2012 was a pretty fantastic year.  I got to spend every day with my beautiful little girls,  watch them grow and learn new things.  I am so lucky that they have been healthy and happy throughout this year.  They are such amazing little beings!!

Char and Evy 12/29/11

Char and Evy 1/2/12- Almost 3 months!

Evy and Char 12/29/12

Evy and Char 1/1/13- Almost 15 months!

Some days its hard to believe how much they have grown up in only one year.  They have such personalities and are so full of life!!  Charlotte has been going through a phase where she only wants her mommy when she isn't feeling great or is sleepy.  Evy is such a daddy's girl!  She has the biggest smile and the funniest laugh I have ever heard.  They both love to swim (although Evy is a little more hesitant than Char) and listen to their own voices.  They still love their blankies and can't sleep without them.  They share a crib and love sleeping next to each other.  

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