Thursday, October 27, 2011

Breast vs. Bottle

Every woman has to make the decision to either breastfeed, bottle feed or both!  I made a decision early on that I really wanted to breastfeed the girls.  There are tons of benefits to breast milk over formula.... especially that formula is crazy expensive! 

After the girls were born I tried to breastfeed them right away.  The hospital provides lactation consultants to help you get started... which was much appreciated.  Charlotte took to the breast pretty much right away but Evelyn wasn't having any of it.  I guess she was doing something strange with her tongue and lip therefore not able to latch properly.  The lactation people kept trying to help me but were pretty much unsuccessful.  Evelyn wouldn't do more than pretty much just chew on my nipple which is seriously painful.  I thought about scraping the idea all together but everyone I talked to said the first while is the hardest and then it gets easier. 

Fast forward to today: 3 weeks later

Evelyn still won't really latch properly.... and Charlotte still will.  The problem is that I need both girls to gain the benefits from the breast milk and I only am producing enough for one baby plus a little more.  I have PCOS so I knew that making enough milk for both would be a stretch but I thought I would try anyways.  The doc put me on Metformin and an herbal supplement which is supposed to help.... and it is to a degree. 

So instead of just breast or bottle feeding I am doing a combination of both.  I breastfeed Charlotte and then pump for Evelyn.  Sometimes both girls just get formula too.... because if I breastfeed Charlotte every time then I won't have very much to pump for her sister.  Yes, it sounds a little crazy and I admit it is a little nuts sometimes but I really want to give the girls as much breast milk as I can. 

Oh, and no, I haven't given up on breastfeeding Evelyn.  I still give it a go sometimes and she still just chomps on my nipple.  I may seek out a lactation consultant to see if there is any hope for her!

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Rachel said...

Have you tried nipple shields? Sometimes that helps.