Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday was the most beautiful fall day!  It was about 75 degrees out and sunny.  Brian and I decided to take the girls to a pumpkin patch.  Before we left I thought it would be fun to dress them in matching clothing.

Evy (left) and Char (right)

The onesie and pants are both newborn sizes but they are still HUGE!  The onesie says "Best Friends" on it!  I really hope they are best friends!

The pumpkin patch was a very small local farm.  This is what their sign looked like! 

Charlotte (pink hat) and Evelyn (polka dot hat)
The pumpkin patch only actually had about 10 pumpkins, but they did have some hay bales that made for a nice photo. 

We set the girls on a hay bale.  Evy (left) and Char (right)

After we were done at the pumpkin patch we decided to take the girls to an outdoor mall.  We ended up having to change and feed them there and we did so outside.  I have to say it was a little strange, but we made it work.  While we were walking around, Charlotte was so wide awake for a while. 


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Pam said...

They are just precious! I hope you are doing well also. Thank you for sharing......a reader from East Texas, Pam.