Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yesterday it was 104 degrees here in Colorado and today its going to be 101!

I thought last summer was hot when I was pregnant, but this is crazy!!!  Our swamp cooler (aka evaporative cooler) keeps the house around 78 degrees which is not terrible, but its not great by any means either.  Normally when its hot we go out to eat, go walk around Tar.get, go to the mall, etc. but for the next three days, Brian and I will be going nowhere!  Today we have a huge list of things we have to get done like get dog food, sand for the sandbox, groceries, and all of that.  We successfully ran all the errands we had to do and now just have to do the not so fun stuff like clean the house.  All I really want to do is play with my little beauties because I won't be able to for the next couple of days.

Transfer is less than 24 hrs away! Maybe I will stay up all night doing the laundry and cleaning so I'm good and tired tomorrow :)

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