Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving forward

The nurse called me today (yup, she actually didn't forget!) and said that my u/s and bloodwork all looked alright.  There were not any cysts on my ovaries and my lining looked good already, she said.  It was 6.3mm and looked like it had the triple stripe already.  (I was looking when they did the u/s and that's what I think I saw.... but it did measure 6.3mm.) I am to continue my protocol and go back in on Friday for more bloodwork that was already in my plan.  I still have no explanation for why my estrogen was high on Sunday and I forgot to ask when I had the nurse on the phone because the phone call woke me up from a nap.  So I think for now, things are looking up!  She didn't say anything about cancelling so I will take that as a good sign. 

Evy- just hanging out with her toy

Charlotte- using daddy's wheelchair to pull her self up.... stopped to check out shoelaces :)


Infertile Goddess said...

Best of luck!!!! Are you going to CCRM??

Laura Coble said...

Your girls are so cute.

Jessica Anne said...

Thank you :)