Sunday, June 10, 2012

CD1- FET #3

Today is our official designated CD1.  I have been on Lupron since May 31st and was supposed to start my estrogen supplementation today.  Yup, I said supposed to.  Clear as day on my protocol it says BW under the "appointments" section with a little note that says "Don't start your vivelle patches or estrace until we call you" or something like that. 

I went in for my BW at 7:30am and expected a call by 12:00 or maybe 1:00pm.  I think the people are only there until about then so I expected them to call by then.  We went to the park with the girls, walked around a nice lake and played for the whole afternoon.  I kept checking my phone to see if anybody called and even called my voicemail to see if perhaps I was out of range and had gotten a voicemail somehow.  Nope.  We got home and it was 4:30pm.  I knew at that point that I was not getting a call, so I called the RE's office.  It was after hours so I got the answering service and left a message.  They called the on call nurse and assured me that she would call back.  When I didn't get a call after about an hour, I knew I had been forgotten again.  I even had Brian call my phone to make sure that it was actually working.  It was. 

I made the decision to put on the vivelle dot patch, but not take the estrace tablet.  I guess I should have just done both, or not done either but I don't know.  I'm no doctor and the stupid doctor/nurse didn't call me back so I guess I had to just figure it out!!!  I'm actually pretty pissed about this whole deal.  Part of our FET price is a $600 coordination of care fee.  I would consider my care not coordinated and I am no happy camper.  I will call in the morning to see what the heck is up and I hope they call me back right away. 

I am going to Elitches (formerly known as six flags) theme park tomorrow with my friend/former co-worker (she just accepted a new position on Friday!)  It was something that I really wanted to do this summer and I won't be able to go between the transfer and beta day for sure and hopefully not for the rest of the summer either.  I love rollercoasters so it should be a fun day.  Tuesday I am going to the Mother's of Multiples member's dinner at a fancy Italian place in the Denver area.  I literally don't know anyone who is going, so I hope its not awkward.  Then, in a couple weeks I am going to have a garage sale with the same friend I am going to Elitches with tomorrow.  Its a good excuse to get rid of some crap and clean out the garage.  Hopefully I will make a few bucks too :)

There are MOMs groups all over Colorado, including one in Colorado Springs.  They reached out to my MOMs group and let us know that there was a semi-homeless woman in Co Spgs living in a motel who had TWO sets of twins under a year old.  She has a set of 10 1/2 month old twins and another set that she took home from the hospital about a week and a half ago.  She must have gotten pregnant just after her 6 week post birth appointment.... wowsers.  Anyways, she is in serious need of diapers, wipes, and other various items so I bought a box of diapers for each kid, 2 boxes of wipes, and a high chair from a garage sale for her.  Some of the other MOMs members were pitching in to get her a quad stroller so that she can get all of her kids around at the same time.  Those things cost a few hundred bucks and are pretty hard to find used. 

I can't imagine her life is easy and thought I could use some good karma just right about now.  I'm not sure her exact situation, but I do know that she is living in a motel and getting some type of government assistance or assistance through some type of program to help her out.  I guess I just hope she is okay and that her kids have enough to eat and plenty of clean diapers.  It makes me sad to think about babies not having what they need..... they didn't do anything wrong. 


Matt and Krista said...

Just reading that YOU are going through this journey again makes me nervous!! How exciting though!!

Jessica Anne said...

I have to say, its not any less crazy this time round :) I'm nervous too! LOL