Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting Ready

It is way more complicated to have a transfer when you have 8.5 month old twins.  Brian is going to be taking care of the girls while I am on bed rest for 3 days, but I still need to clean the house, do laundry, go to the grocery store, etc. so that everything is in order.

Brian took care of the girls while I was at work during the school year, but since I have been done with school I have been the girls' primary caregiver.  He's even had a little trouble getting them to stop crying when I run out to the store for a couple hours.  I think they must be at that stage when they need their mama and only want their mama.  It's going to be hard not being able to play with them, pick them up when they are crying, etc. for a few days.  And even after that, I should probably be careful with the whole lifting thing and just try to change their diapers, play with them, feed them and such on the floor.  One of our highchairs comes off of its stand so it can be placed on a chair so I could just place it on the floor instead.  When I was pregnant with the girls, I don't think I lifted over 10lbs for the whole first trimester.

We are just putting a lot of time, money and energy into this FET and I want to give it the best chance of working that I possibly can.  5K is a lot to spend on potentially nothing at yeah.  I really want this to work.

I had a garage sale yesterday and today with a friend of mine.  It was probably the hottest that its been in a while... 100 degrees!  The girls were totally sick of the heat and were pretty cranky today after a while.  I tried to give them just some plain water to keep them hydrated.  Charlotte drank a few ounces, but Evy didn't really want anything to do with it.  As soon as we got inside both girls fell right asleep.  I can't sleep in the heat.... how can I expect them to?  The house isn't "cold" by any means either.  Its probably 76 degrees or so, but it sure beats the 100 outside!!!

Tomorrow will be a very busy day!!  Transfer is at 11:30am on Monday with acupuncture at 10:30am.  The wait for this transfer seems to be the shortest so far.  I guess I've had my little beauties to keep my mind occupied :)


Manju said...

Good Luck :) I will be hinking of you. Take Care!

MammaV. said...

Best of luck for tomorrow, your girls are so beautiful, I'm sure they will keep your mind busy for the next 2WW ; )