Monday, June 25, 2012

Transfer complete!

The transfer went as smoothly as it could have gone.  We were actually on time! I got my blood drawn, checked in and went back for the acupuncture.  I am still really not a fan of needles, but acupuncture is so relaxing!  I love the acupuncturist I saw and she is so great at lightening the mood. 

The embryologist came in when that was done to tell us how our embryos were doing. We had 3 day 5s and 4 day 6s. The first two day 5s didn't do so well so they had to thaw two more to get two high quality embryos.  I'm a little sad that we had to thaw so many, but what are you going to do? We still have three left which would make for one more transfer if these little ones don't stick (but they are going to!!) He said the ones that did thaw looked amazing!

My bladder was insanely full when we finally went back to the proceedure room. The doctor came in and off we went! They have this new thing where there is a tv showing the embryos in a dish with your last name on it. They also show you the embryos being loaded into the catheter. They didn't used to do this, but I guess its good to have precautionary measures.

The actual transfer went perfectly. The embryos went into the right spot without any trouble.  They gave me some valium to take 30 minutes prior to the transfer so that helped relax things a bit :)

I sat on the table for 10 minutes, peed, did acupuncture again, and went home. 

I fell asleep when I got back and got a call from the nurse.... My progesterone was only 13 and they need it to be at least a 20. I had to a booster progesterone shot right then ane starting tomorrow up my shot to 1.5ml instead of 1. My estrogen was 755 and that seems high but she didn't say anything about it so it must be alright.

So now here I am, hanging out today and the next two. The hardest part has been listening to my babies cry for their mama and not be able to pick them up.  Our nanny is coming by tomorrow afternoon to give Brian a break, play with the dog, and help out with anything we might need.  We don't have a ton of friends out here, but the ones we do have sure are great!!

These pics are my views of the girls from the couch :)

Oh, I forgot to mention that it was 105 here today! Holy hotness!


Manju said...


Amanda said...

How wonderful! Are you going to poas or wait for your beta? I can.not.wait. for all of the excitement to start up again!!!

Jessica Anne said...

I have mini hcg shots today and two days later so I'm not really sure about the poas! I would get a false positive until at least 5 or 6 days past transfer and that's when I got my real positive last time..... So I'm really torn to be honest with you!

Rachel said...

Good luck! And I just have to say, your girls get cuter every time you post new pics. It must be so hard to be on bed rest without being able to pick them up!

Jessica Anne said...

Thank you!!

It is very hard being on bed rest without being able to pick them up... especially when they are crying for their mama :(