Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The two week wait

I have to say the 2ww is the worst part of all of this.  I've been sitting around doing pretty much nothing for the last 2.5days and its all I am thinking about!! (Well that and my sad babies that keep crying for their mama.)

I haven't really had any symptoms, cramping, or anything like that.  I took 2000 units of HCG yesterday around 9am and it was still in my system as of today at 1pm.  I have to take another 2000 units on Friday so I plan on testing again before I take the shot to see if the first one is out by then.  

Yesterday on The Price is Right they had an all pregnant women show and today they had an all twins show.  I also something about preggo bellies after giving birth on the Today show.  So, if these aren't good signs, then the universe is playing a dirty trick on me.  

Just a few more hours of bed rest.... tomorrow I am free!

Speaking of tomorrow, I have to go in and get my progesterone checked.  Let's just really hope that its above 20 so I don't have to take even more PIO or those yucky Crinone inserts.  

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