Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 weeks!

Tomorrow I will be 5 weeks.  Two whole weeks until the ultrasound.  Its such a long wait, but I can do it.  I'm trying to not wish away what small amount of time I have left this summer with my girls!  I go back to work on August 15th... just over a month away!  Why does the summer go by so fast???

I haven't really had any symptoms so far and I don't remember really having any with the girls either.  What I do remember though is that I did not lift anything over about 10lbs during pretty much the entire pregnancy.  If I didn't have to lift anything now, I wouldn't but its just not an option.  The girls really need their mama!!!

It is becoming increasingly more obvious how much the girls have become attached to me this summer.  I mean, Brian's around but I really take care of the girls most of the day.  I think he has changed about 15 diapers since school let out in May!   I guess he'll have his chance to change more diapers once I go back to school :)  I just really hope the girls will adjust okay when I go back to work.  It just kills me thinking about them crying for their mama and I can't be there to console them.

Nothing's really new around here I suppose.  Just trying to keep busy and keep my mind off of this awful wait!!  It doesn't help though that I have been waking up around 4am to pee and not being able to get back to sleep.  Its pretty annoying, but I'll take it!  Anything for the babies :)

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