Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Symptoms

I was so hesitant to think that this actually worked so I didn't really want to write about my "symptoms" unless that's what they actually were :)

My first indication I was pregnant was that I could drink milk or anything with lactose in it. I am very lactose intolerant except when pregnant!  I had something with dairy in it during the 2ww and didn't get sick at all so that was a great sign.  Also, food has tasted very salty lately.  I generally put salt on everything and I haven't had to do that.  I even asked Brian if he thought it was too salty and he said no.... and he doesn't like to add salt to his food.  I've also been extremely tired (now I know why!)   I have been getting up in the middle of the night 2-3x to go to the bathroom as well.  Within the last couple of days I have felt a bit nauseated.  I thought at first maybe it was just in my mind, but its so not.  I don't feel like I'm going to throw up or anything but just have a general icky feeling.

The weirdest symptom so far that I've had is a stretching feeling in my uterus.  At first I thought it was my period starting, but that's obviously not the case.  It almost feels as though it vibrates for a few seconds and then stops.  I don't remember feeling this with Char and Evy but every pregnancy is different, right?

The cat also came up and sat in my lap a lot.... she doesn't normally do that and so that was another sign I was pregnant!

So, overall I am feeling pretty good! Minus the exhausted part (Seriously, why am I not napping right now while the girls are sleeping???) and the slightly nauseated part.  I hope I can stay a little bit more relaxed during this pregnancy than I was with the girls.  I would get so worked up before every single appointment because I was just so worried about them.  This go around I won't have the summer to go to appointments and just sit around.... and I'm going to try and work up until the end unless it becomes unsafe to do so.  I will also have to use my sick days strategically so that I don't run out.  I will have 9 sick and personal days to use so if I only use them in half day increments it should be okay.  I think I only have 2 left from the last school year that I accrued after my maternity leave.  So there it is! I am pregnant with twins again!  Char and Evy both get their own siblings!

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