Friday, February 1, 2013

MORE Contractions

I really have been resting lately... and haven't been out of the house since Wednesday when I went to Tar.get to fill my prescription for the terbutaline.  Last night I was having some crazy contractions.  Since it was late, I took the procardia instead of the terb because I didn't want to be awake all night.  After taking the procardia, the contractions continued and I still didn't get any sleep because they kept waking me up.  At about 2 am  I downloaded an app on my phone for a contraction calculator and had a few that were 7 minutes apart.  I can't take both meds at the same time, so I was kinda SOL at that point because I had to wait a few hours to take the terb (which I really didn't want to take because of the crazy side effects.)  At about 5:30 am I finally decided to take the terb and suffer the consequences  because the contractions were just not letting up.  I go in this afternoon for a growth ultrasound and a visit with the doc, so we will see what he says about all of this.  I know some people's docs won't stop labor past 34 weeks so if that was labor perhaps I shouldn't have stopped it?  I don't know.  I'm going to ask about the steroid shots for the boys' lungs too.  Not sure if its too late for that, but I really don't need two babies in the NICU and two babies that can't visit the NICU at home because they are too young.  Anyways, I'm 34 weeks and 2 days and I wish I had a crystal ball to predict what was going to happen!!!


Amanda said...

Thinking of you and sending all sorts of positive vibes your way. And I'm sending some "stay put" vibes for your babies!

Aleta said...

Sending prayers that you're able to carry them longer. Our hospital will stop contractions all the way to 37 weeks and refuses to induce until 39 weeks. But twins and health issues, I imagine will be a different concern. I have chronic high blood pressure, so my doctor will definitely induce on 39 weeks if I don't go naturally between Valentine's Day (37 weeks) and Feb 28th.

Can you share what the side effects of the medicine are?