Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Settling in...

I am so happy that we are all home and healthy and we are trying to figure out routines and settle into a family of 6....

Today Brian and I took the boys to a doctor's appointment.  They checked weights, etc.

Todays weights were:

Elliott: 7lbs 9oz

Oliver 6lbs 0 oz

They lost a lot of weight in the hospital (about 9% each) but that discussion is for another day....

As I was making their appointments for the 2 week check I realized that I had to think about who was going to be home, etc. because I couldn't just jump in the car and take them to their appointment by myself.  I had to make sure someone was home to watch the girls too!  It took me a second to realize that when I was making the appointment... lol.  We still have yet to get a bigger vehicle too, so I don't even have a way to take all of us somewhere if I had to.  I am very sad to have to trade in my SUV that I love so dearly, but I guess I will have to get some type of van.  We looked into a bigger SUV, but they are too high off the ground so Brian can't easily get into them.  There are SUVs with 3rd row seating, but the trunk space is just abysmal.  There would be no room for Brian's chair, a stroller (or two), a diaper bag and whatever else we might need.  I really don't like the idea of a mini van, but I don't see any other options at this point really.

We haven't been "home alone" yet without help, and won't be for a little while so that's a good thing.  When that happens I'm sure we will just be in survival mode until we get a routine established!