Friday, May 24, 2013

Chore Chart Art

I've been talking about our need to actually get things done at home.  Some days its hard to even get a shower in daily, let alone get the bathrooms cleaned and laundry put away but it won't be like this forever.  I'm also super sick of the house being a complete disaster all the time and am actually trying to de-clutter and purge bit by bit so that someday it might all be done.

Brian saw a chore chart calendar at a friend's house a while back.  He never got around to making it, so I finally figured out what exactly he was talking about and made it happen.  

I started out with the biggest picture frame that I could find at IKEA.  Yeah, remember that trip earlier in the week? It had a purpose! The one I got was $24.99

Close up of the stats- so you can see the size

I had to go to Home Depot anyways to get some new handles for my tub, so I picked up the paint sample cards then.  These are from the Glidden type of paint.  I got colors for weekdays, weekend days, and then the chore lists themselves.

I used glue dots  to put mine on, but I'm sure you could use double sided tape or regular glue.  I just happened to have the glue dots and that seemed easy and not messy.

I used the paper that came in the frame to put my calendar on.  I laid out my cards first to see how they were going to fit.

I made lists of daily, weekly, and monthly things that need to get done. Also, a spot for meals for the week. I wrote them on the cards with pen but I wish I would have used a marker so that they would stand out more.  (I might go back and re-do these.)

Chore lists

Everything is glued in place! I made 5 weeks

The outside of the frame is plastic, and I used a dry erase marker to write in the month on the side and the numbered days on the calendar.

Last but not least- I hung it up!  The IKEA frame even came with a wire to hang it with.  So easy!  It took me about an hour in all do do everything which I didn't think was too bad.

A blog post would not be complete without a couple cute pictures of the kids!  I got out these IKEA high chairs that I bought a while back.  I put the girls right up to the table for the first time and they LOVED IT!  They didn't even throw their food or their plate on the floor.  They did drop their forks and milks about 100x each, but those don't get stuck to your feet when you step on them :)

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