Sunday, November 10, 2013


Today after a lovely nap, I grabbed my phone and opened up my Facebook app to check out what was going on.  Much to my surprise, I see a picture of an all familiar thing...two pink lines.  I was a little bit sleepy and had to look twice, but there it was.... someone announcing that they were pregnant with baby number two on Facebook.  Along with their picture of two HPTs was their size zero pre-pregnancy baby bump at about 14 weeks.

Even after four kids, I still don't like being surprised by those announcements on FB.  I don't know why, but I just don't like them.  I'm happy that people are able to expand their families when they choose but it doesn't mean I have to follow them for the next few months... that's why FB made the "hide" button.  This particular announcement brought back a lot of emotions for me.  The first time she posted that she was pregnant was right after I had miscarried back in November of 2010.  I distinctly remember standing outside of a Chinese restaurant after I made a nasty statement on FB about people being pregnant.  This one had just sent me over the edge because it seemed like everyone could have babies whenever they felt like, except for me.

 I wrote this post just about 3 years ago after seeing this gal's announcement.  I also remember writing something super crazy using the F-bomb because I just couldn't take it anymore... I'm fairly certain I lost a few "friends" after that and had a lot of people wondering if I was emotionally stable (which I probably wasn't!)

Its weird to put myself back in that place... before I had kids....... but I remember it all like it was yesterday!

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AletaObrien said...

I remember feeling that way when I was told that I couldn't have children. But now, with my son, I am able to find joy when people make an announcement. (Though I will add that when I announced on FB and shared ultrasound pictures, someone remarked, "I hate seeing ultrasound pictures." OMG…) There is one weird situation though. When I was pregnant for my son, my cousin's girlfriend was pregnant, due a couple of months after me. And like me, she had pre-eclampsia at 35 weeks. We had different outcomes though… I delivered my baby by c-section at 37 weeks. She lost her baby girl at 35 weeks 1 day and had to have a c-section… Now, my cousin's girlfriend is pregnant again… and my brother and his wife are doing donor IVF. It's weird, because it's someone in my family being pregnant and my cousin's girlfriend being pregnant and I'm praying that everything turns out well. Until the baby is born, you never know…. and after the baby is born… you have a lifetime of worries as a parent :)