Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

My goal for the holidays this year is to keep them low key.  Sometimes things can get so stressful and that's not what Thanksgiving/Christmas are all about.

We got up like usual (a little late actually! 7:30) and I pumped while Brian got the kids ready for breakfast.  We had to get our stomachs ready for a big dinner so he made hash browns, sausage, eggs over easy and toast.  The girls had eggs, a banana, cereal, and toast and the boys had home made sweet potato mixed with multigrain cereal.  

After breakfast we Skyped with my mom, sister, her boyfriend, brother, and sister-in-law.  They were all baking pie so that was kind of fun!  The girls are still scared of people that aren't my mom when they see them on Skype, but we are still working on that.

The boys went down for their nap a little bit late (around 10:00 instead of 9:00) were up by 11:30 and then down again at about 1:30.  We put the turkey in about 12:30 and didn't start any of the sides until the turkey was basically done!

My family in MN was at my grandma's house so I got a chance to also Skype with them while all of the kids were sleeping.  Elliott ended up waking up early, so he provided some entertainment for them as well.

After the kids all got up from their naps (around 3:30 I think) we started making our sides!  Grandma wanted to Skype again so we did!  Evy was having crying fits and Char was afraid of the other people there but the boys sure enjoyed seeing everyone!  Elliott stood up holding onto the table for a while and Oliver charmed everyone with his smile.  I think its pretty awesome that we can still see family on Thanksgiving despite being 1000 miles away!

I blended up some "turkey dinner" for the boys and you should have seen the looks on their faces! They took a couple bites and were just not having it.  Oliver closes his eyes and locks his mouth when he doesn't like what I try and feed him.... once he figured out he didn't like mama's puree he wouldn't eat anymore!  Elliott took a couple bites too but preferred eating the mashed potatoes by himself.  Oliver played with his, but I don't think any made it into his mouth

For dinner we had: Turkey (with bacon fat and bacon on it), green beans with pearl onions, mushrooms, and bacon, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce (canned) and rolls.  I thought everything was great! No butter or milk products because of the dairy restrictions but all was delicious.

Everyone was super tired and went to bed without a fight.  Brian's loading the dishwasher and I get a few minutes to blog!  I knew I needed to write this post today because my Thanksgiving 2012 post is still in my "drafts" folder that I never finished from last year.  OOPS!  Here are some pics!

Turkey dinner!

Elliott and his mashed potatoes


So yummy!

Mom, I'm not so sure about these

More milk, please!


Turkey dinner puree.... cranberries and all!  They were not a fan


All lined up ready for dinner

Carving the bird

Can't get enough of that smile!

My boys on their first Thanksgiving!

Always trying to get into something!!

Turkey... covered in BACON!


AletaObrien said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!!! I

AletaObrien said...

That's interesting about Skype and the kids reactions. My son was bouncing all over the place when he saw his grandmother via the iPad. He liked small pieces of turkey. We didn't blend it, just gave him very small pieces. It makes me so nervous feeding him food that we eat and I've come to realize that we don't eat that healthy. This must change for our son's sake!

Jessica said...

I'm nervous too about the whole food thing! We just started giving Elliott super soft things like scrambled eggs and shredded cheese (which he loves!) The girls were eating ALL finger foods by about 10 months I think so its crazy to me that the boys are still eating mostly purees. OH well, they won't be babies forever though!