Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I really haven't done a great job with updates about the girls, but I guess that's what happens when you have two toddlers and two babies.

The girls turned TWO at the beginning of October.  I still find it hard to believe that its been that long already.  I remember the day leading up to my c-section like it was yesterday!  I just kept thinking about what it was going to be like to be a mommy and what my beautiful girls were going to look like.  Today I can't imagine my crazy life without them.

At their two year appointment Char was about 27 pounds and Evy 31 pounds.  Today Char was peeling oranges and giving them to Evy if that tells you anything.... Evy is an adventurous eater and will generally give everything a try whereas Char is a little more picky.

The girls are wearing 24 month and 2T clothing for the most part, but some of their shirts run small so the 3T fits pretty well.  They wear a 7.5 shoe size and a size 4 diaper.  I think I could actually still fit them in 3s but they don't hold enough liquid!  We switched the girls to one nap at 21 months and just pushed it back from 11 a.m. to 1pm so that all four kids can nap at the same time!  Both girls have 16 teeth and no 2 year molars that I know of, but I haven't gone sticking my fingers in their mouths lately either.

Some of the girls' favorite things to watch are: Yo Gabba Gabba, Beauty and the Beast (Beast), Finding Nemo (Fishies), Puss in Boots (Kitties), Rise of the Guardians (Rise) and I think that's about it.  Evy knows all the names of the characters on Gabba and Char knows some of them.  I even got them Foofa sweatshirts, and Brobee pillows for their birthday because they love them so much!

They love to play with blocks, babies (the ones that were their "pretend" brothers), stuffed animals (especially all of their monkeys) some magnets that we just got, mama's phone, their ride on battery powered car, water, buckets, their Kangaroo climber, slide, forks, boxes, potty chairs, brothers' car seats, bead toys, beaded necklaces, and probably lots of other things that I am missing!

They eat a variety of foods, but some more than others!  Breakfast is usually one or more of the following: oatmeal (steel cut, or instant packets), bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, bagels, fruit, pancakes, and french toast.  Lunch/dinner often includes: mac & cheese, turkey, string cheese, grapes, strawberries,  bananas, peanut butter sandwiches, apple sauce, hard boiled eggs, green beans, broccoli, avocados, chicken, french fries, pizza, rice, and tastes of whatever we are eating.  Lately Evy has been wanting bites of the boys' purees and actually eats them.  I might start "hiding" more veggie purees in their food so that they don't exactly know what they are eating.  They also love to eat their sweets like ice cream, cookies, etc. but who doesn't, right?  After their 2 year well check we switched them to 2% milk per the pediatrician's recommendation.

I just can't believe how much the girls' vocabulary has expanded lately.  I was a little bit worried about Char's vocabulary because she wasn't really putting two words together but just in the last two weeks or so, she has really started to talk... a lot!!  Just today, she found a camera in the kitchen, held it up to her eye and said "Cheese!"  Do you think that means mommy takes too many pictures? Nah.  Evy says anything and everything and is putting together lots and lots of words.  If I have wet hair she says, "Mama take a shower?" or if I have a towel on my head she will say, "Mama towel head?"  I feel like I say, "Yes, Evy" all day long to all of her "questions" that she asks.  She also likes to tell me "Evy owie butt" when she has diaper rash and "Evy fall down" when she... falls down.  Char has recently been bringing me the dog bowl and saying, "mere (more) food!" and "Mere (more) wa-wa" so that I will fill up the dog's food and water.  She is so matter of fact about it too and won't let go until I get those things for the dog.  Its a good thing someone is looking out for him because he is the low man on the totem poll right now.  The girls still have some made up words for stuff that include : Baku (utensil)  Bucky (milk- but they rarely use this one anymore), Yango (yogurt), Mere (more), Foffee (coffee- Char uses this one) and I think that's it.  I'm sure I will miss when they don't use these words anymore.

I never would have thought that two year olds could be helpful, but its totally possible.  Sometimes I run out of wipes mid diaper change and yell for one of the girls to bring me some wipes or "Washies."  Occasionally they will bring me other weird items first, but in the end they find a package of wipes somewhere and bring it to me.  They also put bottles in the sink, find their blankies before bed or naptime, put blocks on their table, go get the remote, bring the boys a toy, grab things that the boys shouldn't eat out of their hands, tell the dog "No!" and to "Sit" find their own shoes, find their own clothes, turn on the TV, and once again, probably more things that my sleepy brain can't remember right now.

I'm pretty sure that if I let the girls stay outside all day long they probably would!  When I say the word "outside" I'm not sure who gets more excited: the girls or the dog!  When its warm out, we just go right out the kitchen door into the back yard.  These days, we go out to take out the trash or get the mail which they get excited about too!  They also love to go places... especially somewhere they can "see amals" (animals) as Evy says.

Our life is pretty crazy right now with two toddlers, 1 mobile baby, and 1 baby that will be mobile very soon.  I will have to add pictures very soon and update ALL of the girls' bear pictures when I get a chance.  They have 24 monthly pictures and one professional photo that I got done with the girls and the bear as their final pic with Mr. Bear.
Evy & Char- two years old!

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