Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Our Halloween was pretty low key.  I tried to find costumes for the girls but everything I found was HUGE!  The baby costumes were size 0-9months..... let me tell you, there is a big size difference between my newborns and a 9month old baby.  So instead of buying costumes, I just got some cute onesies for the girls.  They looked absolutely adorable!  I tried to dress the dog up too, but his costume was a little small.  Its the same pumpkin costume that I have used for the past three Halloweens so I guess next year I will have to get something else. 

On a side note: I have been slowly but surely working with Evy on the whole breastfeeding thing.  We had some success yesterday and I got her to latch for a good 15 minutes!  The only bad thing is that she was still starving afterwards and we had to give her formula to supplement. 

Char & Evy



They both ended up on the same side of the bassinet. I guess Charlotte didn't like her sister stepping on her head.

Charlotte loves the bubbles!! She even laughed! It was so adorable.

Evy- sleeping in her carseat

Charlotte- sleeping in her carseat

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