Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Minnesota Adventures

Brian and I seem to make at least two trips per year back to Minnesota to see the family.  It usually works out to be every six months... December and sometime in the summer.  We made the trip back this summer to celebrate my brother's wedding!  We were gone Wed. May 30th-Monday June 4th.  It sounds like a long time, but it was jam packed with family fun!

Wednesday: We spent the entire day getting ready to go on the trip!  Our flight left at 2:45 so we planned to leave the house at noon.  Its about a 45 minute drive to the airport so I figured that 2 hours was plenty of time to get our tickets, get through security, etc.  The airport was unusually busy for some odd reason.  It took forever to get our tickets and check our bags.  It took even longer to get through security!  By the time we got to the gate to check the stroller and carseats we had just enough time to change the babies diapers, pee, and grab a sandwich. 

When we were in line to check the stroller at the gate, I had one of the funniest conversations of my life!

Woman: Are they twins? They are so cute!
Me: Yes, they are.
Woman: Wow, they look a lot alike!
Me: They are actually fraternal twins.
Woman: So, does that mean one was born like an hour after the other one?
Me: (holding back the laughter) Nope, that means they came from two eggs.
Woman: Oh, so what are Irish twins then?
Me: I think that means a woman has two babies in a 12 month period.
Woman: Yeah, yeah that's what I thought. Oh, they are so cute!

That had to be one of the funniest things that someone has said to me so far!!  After we got everything gate checked, went to the bathroom, etc.  I put Evy in the Snugli carrier that my mom bought me.  They are getting extra wiggly, so I thought it would be nice to have.... and it was!  She spent the first hour or so in the carrier and then I took her out to feed her, and she fell asleep.  It was great to have my hands free to eat my sandwich, pick up Evy's toys that she kept throwing on the floor, etc. 

We landed a few minutes late and my mom and sister came and picked us up at the airport.  We have so much gear now that we had to have two people come and get us!  We got all settled into our hotel room and ate dinner at the restaurant there.  Usually their food is pretty good, but that meal was pretty disappointing. 

Thursday:  Thursday we spent some time hanging out with my mom and sister.  Brian was still finishing up his classes for the semester so we had a "girl's day" while he worked on stuff.  My sister picked us up around 11 and we went to the mall for a while.  We had to get a mani/pedi, pick up Brian's suit for the wedding, and buy Kelsey (my brother's wife) some bachelorette gifts for the party later in the evening.  The girls just chilled in the stroller while my mom and I got our nails done.  They are such troopers!  Evy was so funny and played with her tongue and fingers for about an hour.  She can be entertained by anything. 

We got back to my mom's house and spent a little time hanging out. 

Evy & Char- just hanging out at Grandma's house

Grandma sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider to the girls and they were very into it.

I had to bring my outfit for the evening with when my sister picked me up that morning.  As we all know, its not easy to choose exactly what you are going to wear.  Needless to say, when it was time to get ready and I put on my outfit, I hated it.  It just looked awful!  We all were to wear black and so I brought 3 black shirts with and a pair of cream pants.  I hated the shirts and the pants looked wrinkly and terrible.

 I was in a panic and didn't know what to do! My mom went to her closet, and said, "Here, try this black dress on. "  In my head I was thinking, "yeah right!  Nothing she has is just going to fit."  Sure enough, she pulled out a fabulous looking black dress that just happened to be my size.  I put it on and it was perfect!  I even had the right shoes to go along with it.

Me with my sister

We went to Stella's Fish Cafe for dinner and sat on the rooftop.  It was super fun and the food was tasty!  Afterwards, we went to a dueling piano bar!

Emily, Kelsey, and myself.

Silly sisters

Kayla (Kelsey's cousin), Kelsey, and me

It was a very fun time!!  To save $$, we had carpooled to the dueling piano place and left a couple cars at Stellas.  When it was time to go, we all piled into the car and off we went back to Stella's to drop Kayla and Andrea off.  I thought it was going to be a quick ride, but the person who was supposed to be telling me where to go got distracted and was googling something.  Needless to say, we got lost and ended up driving around for a while.  It was pretty funny though, to hear all about Kayla's fish and how it had bladder problems and needed to eat a pea.  Yes, a green pea.  I thought she was just being silly, but she talked more about this fish and the pea the next day so I guess it was true :)


Char & Evy riding in Grandma's car

Their stroller fits in the backseat with them!

We ended up seeing Brian's friend Stacy for a while at the hotel in the afternoon before the Groom's dinner.  They were BFFs in high school so it was nice for them to catch up for a bit.  She has a baby too that was born last summer but she didn't bring him with.

At about 5:30 we headed back to my mom's house for the Groom's dinner.  We had pizza, fruit salad, and cookies!  My mom bought the girls some beautiful yellow dresses to wear. 
Evy & Char

Evy & Char

Evy & Char

I'm gonna get your hair, sister!

Ok, I'll just get the bow instead.


Evy was tired of getting her picture taken

Grandma with Char & Evy

Charlotte wanted to pick out her own jammies

Charlotte loves to crawl over things or in this case in things
Evy's great-grandma got to feed her before bedtime!

Saturday:  I ended up staying with the girls over at my mom's house on Friday night.  We got up fairly early and went to go get our hair all done up for the wedding.  We made a list so that we didn't forget anything because we were going right from the salon to the wedding location.

We got our hair done, picked Brian up, and headed to the wedding location.  When we were packing up the car we left a few things for my grandma to come back and get because we couldn't fit everything in the car.  Without thinking, we left the ironing board on the driveway for my grandma to grab, not thinking that we would be needing it right away!  Luckily, my friend Michelle (who had come to the wedding to help watch the babies since both Brian and I were in the wedding) saved the day and ran to her in-laws house which was about 3 minutes away and borrowed an ironing board.  Without it, we would have had very wrinkly bridesmaid's dresses!  Thanks again, Michelle!!! 

She was so amazing and took such great care of the girls.  She changed their explosive diapers and dressed them up in their cute little outfits. 


Me with my Charlotte

Michelle and Evy

Family Photo- Me with Charlotte and Brian with Evy


Cousins! We will call this the "1989" photo

The reception was SO much fun.  They provided beer & wine and lets just say, I had some fun!  My mom piled Brian and the girls into her car to go back to the hotel.  I ended up riding with my brother's friend from college because there was no room left in my mom's car.  I guess I talked his ear off and thought it was very cool that he spoke Chinese.  I'm a very happy and friendly drunk :)  We got back to the scary hotel, put the girls to sleep and woke up at 8:30am to my mom knocking on the door.  She thought for sure we would have been awake already, but nope!  The girls were super tired and let us sleep in that morning.  They fell asleep in their carseats at the reception but woke up around midnight when it was time to leave.  They were such troopers!! 

On Sunday morning, Charlie and Kelsey had a gift opening at their hotel.  It was really nice to see people once again and say goodbye to some of Kelsey's family.  She has such a nice family!  I especially had a fun time hanging out with her cousin Kayla who I mentioned earlier.  She's a very fun girl :)

After the gift opening, Brian's dad came and picked us up with all of our stuff.  We went back to his parents house for a bit and hung out.  A little bit later, I went with the girls and my mom to the hotel where my grandpa and his wife were staying.  Neither of them are really in good health, so my mom wanted them to spend some time with the girls before they left to go back to Texas.

Connie with Charlotte and Great-Grandpa Bob with Evy

They will usually ham it up for a picture or two but then go back to being the movers and shakers that they are :)

My aunt Ginny with Char & Evy

I went back to Brian's parent's house and we hung out for a bit.  The girls fell asleep on the floor and it was then that I realized I didn't have a pack n play yet for them!  It was at my mom's house along with the rest of my stuff so I went over there and got it.  We hung out for a bit and then I went back to put the girls to bed.  I thought they would be sound asleep, but nope! They were up and playing with their grandma and grandpa. 

Mal with Charlotte and Brian Sr. with Evelyn

It was so hot in their house that I thought I was going to sweat to death.  I guess I'm not used to the Midwest humidity.  The girls were super hot too so I let them sleep in their sleeveless onesies.

Charlotte (top) and Evy (bottom)

The next day my mom and I met Charlie and Kelsey at Panera for some breakfast and then went back to Brian's parent's house to pack up all of our stuff.

Kelsey and Charlie feeding Evy some banana.  She even took her own bites!!

Charlotte enjoyed trying to eat her Grandma's purse

Evy enjoyed playing with her toy

Evy got herself under the couch.  She goes backwards way better than she goes forwards.

Between washing clothes and packing, it all took probably 2-3 hours.  Brian's brother offered to take us to the airport since he had a van and could fit all of our stuff.  Thanks, James!!  We got to the airport in plenty of time and got on the plane.

Evy- peeking at me over the seat on the plane

Charlotte- fast asleep in the Snugli

Overall, we had a really great trip!  It was jam packed full of fun.  Its hard to believe, but the girls have flown 3 times already and they are just 8 months old.  They are going to be seasoned travelers by the time they are in Kindergarten :)

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