Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MOMs dinner

Tonight I went to the annual MOMs (Mothers of multiples society) membership dinner.  I really contemplated going because I didn't know anybody.  I mean, I have "talked" to some of these women on the forum online, but I hadn't ever met any of them in person.  I walked in and there weren't very many people there yet.  Everybody there looked like they knew the people they were talking to so I just went to the bar and got a drink.  I awkwardly walked around a bit and two really nice ladies recognized my awkwardness, introduced themselves and asked if I had somewhere to sit.  I didn't, so I happily accepted their invitation to sit at a table with them. 

There were a couple of other ladies in my same position, that didn't really know anyone and they ended up sitting at the table with us as well.  I think there were 8 of us all together and all of our twins were under the age of 2.  We all had a lot in common and had a lot of great conversations.  The topics of nannies, breastfeeding, morning sickness, IVF, etc. all came up.  It was so great to be able to talk to all of these women!  There were no husbands and no kids around to take our attention. 

There was one gal there who was 24 weeks along with twin boys.  She was asking all sorts of questions and a couple of main ones were, "How do you do it?" and "You guys really weren't sick??"  She was telling us about her morning sickness and how it lasted until week 17 I think she said.  She said it was so bad that she just wanted to go to the hospital and have them put her into a coma LOL.  She has two other kids and said she thought she was sick with them and now she really knows the meaning of morning sickness!  Its just funny because when I was first preggo with the twins I wished I had morning sickness just to know that they were okay in there.  I pretty much didn't have any "symptoms" during the first few weeks besides being tired and just worried about the babies all the time.  Looking back, that was probably pretty silly to be wanting nausea and I was lucky that I had such an easy and successful pregnancy.

Three of the ladies that I sat with had gone through IVF to conceive their twins.  I'm glad that I'm not the only one that was okay with talking freely about it.  I think some people are embarassed about it or just don't want to talk about it.  I ended up talking with two of the ladies after people started to leave and it was really nice to spend some time with people who just get it.  Unless you go through IF, it is hard to understand how people feel that have or are going through treatment.  One of the women went through 6 rounds total with fresh and frozen cycles and had 4 miscarriages before her successful twin pregnancy.  She said her first was 18 weeks when her water broke in the middle of the night.  I just can't even imagine that. She was very brave for sharing her story with me and I truly appreciate her openness.  She, like me, said that waiting between cycles was the worst.  After my miscarriage, all I wanted to do was keep going.  I knew that it was going to be the only way to find peace.  With that said, I don't know that I could have kept miscarrying and kept going on with treatments.  She said that she considered other options, but ultimately kept persuing IF treatments.  I'm glad she did and finally had her miracle babies!

I got the contact info for the two ladies that I talked to most of the night.  I think we are going to have a play date since our twins are similar ages (theirs are 6 months old). Should be fun!

Overall I had a really great time and I'm glad that I went.  There were about 50 people there out of the 500 or so members.  I have to say, one of the highlights of the evening was the cake.  Yep, the cake.  After it came out, I had to take a picture of it and explain to the table that I needed a picture for my blog.  They were like ooohhhkkkayyy? and then asked why I blogged, so I told them.

Just to give you an idea.... that is a huge steak knife and the spork looking thing is actually a serving utensil.

I can't make a post without adding a cute picture of the girls. It was so hot last week that they pretty much just wore diapers for a couple of days.  

Evy looks like she's holding on for dear life while Charlotte is just playing away!!

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