Monday, June 11, 2012

Over before its really started? CD2

I called the RE's office this morning around 8:15 and left a message in hopes that SOMEONE would call me back.  I already had plans to to to Elich Gardens with my friend today so I picked her up at 10 and off we went.  I hadn't gotten a call back when we went inside the park around 10:30am and I figured they would just call me and say that I should start the estrace and estrogen patches.  I left my phone in the car and didn't think twice about it.

When we got back to the car at 4:19pm, I reached into the glove box to get my phone and it was ringing!  It was one of the nurses at the REs office.  She asked if I had gotten her messages and I said no, I didn't have my phone all day.  She proceeded to tell me that my estrogen level was way too high.  They wanted to see it below 50 and it was 121.  She double checked that I hadn't taken any estrace or put on the estrogen patches before getting my blood drawn and I said no.  The next step is that I have to get my blood drawn again tomorrow and get an ultrasound to see what the heck is going on.  I might have a cyst producing estrogen and if that's the case I will have to sit this cycle out.   I'm really not sure if there are any other reasons for my estrogen to be high, so instead of speculating I think I will just wait for tomorrow's appointment. 


Amanda said...

Dang it. My fingers are crossed that things might still work out this cycle!

Jessica Anne said...

yeah, mine too :)