Friday, June 8, 2012

School's OUT!! (What we have been up to- in pictures!)

Yep- its a 2-post type of day.  I am finally feeling the urge to blog tonight :)

School has been out since May 17th and I have loved every minute of it!!!  It has been so great to spend pretty much all day everyday with the girls. 

My principal let me bring the girls to school on the last day.  Brian came with as well so that he could take the girls home after lunch.  There wasn't a whole lot going on academically on the last day.  We had an assembly in the morning followed by yearbook signing, lunch, and 6th grade graduation in the afternoon.  I saw a couple of classes inbetween there and we did some salsa dancing, which was a lot of fun!
I got the girls all dressed up to go to work with Mommy.  Charlotte was thoroughly enjoying playing with her foot.

Charlotte was already in her car seat and Evy was ready to go too!

These girls will sleep through anything!!  We were in the music room doing salsa dancing with the music cranked up and they were just snoozing away
Evy & Char

Daddy and Charlotte
Evy and my friend Sue.  I think Evy was trying to steal her scarf :)

This picture turned out really funny for some reason, but I thought it was funny that both girls were trying to take Brian's pizza.

Me and my Evzie

Me and Charzlie (Ha, I have been calling her that lately)

All of the kids at school were so funny.  They were so interested in the girls and loved making them laugh and smile.  It was especially cute to hear the little boys all telling me how cute these girls are. 

We got home and Charlotte decided that she wanted to take everything out of the diaper bag. 

Evy just wanted to find her blankey

The girls have been having a lot of fun playing with the doggie.  While I am feeding them in the morning, he sits next to them on the couch and tries to distract them :)

"If I just reach a little further I can get him!!" Charlotte

Evy wanted to read Pete the Cat

Charlotte found a bottle of Gatorade extremely fascinating

Evy- all wrapped up in a blankey

Charlotte- posing for the camera!!

Messy girls! Evy & Char

They sleep in the funniest positions

They both had their faces pressed up against the pack n play.  It kind of looked like a smushy face when  your put your face up to a window! ha ha

We went to a graduation party and it was a little chilly so the girls snuggled up under a blankey!  Evy (top) and Charlotte (bottom)

My chunky little girls eating their breakfast
Char & Evy

Sometimes Charlotte likes to spill more of her milk than she drinks

little hands and feet!

First time at the park!! Charlotte


Char & Evy- sharing a swing

Char & Evy

Evy fell asleep on the walk home
Charlotte looked tired but didn't fall asleep

The dreaded "big box of meds" arrived... man do I hate shots

Evy doesn't like it when her sister tries to eat her foot!

I finally made some time to plant new plants in my garden!! I pretty much just let things go last summer since I was pregnant so this year I am trying to make up for that.

Charlotte's new thing is crawling on top of her sister.  She's gonna be trouble!!

We took the girls to the zoo!!
Charlotte wanted to eat the stroller

Charlotte ended up falling asleep

Evy just woke up from a nappy

Another sleeping picture... I just can't resist!!
Char & Evy

It has been so much fun staying home with the girls!!  I have been taking a crazy amount of pictures, but I figure that you really can't have too many. 

We also just recently went to Minnesota for my brother's wedding and I have a lot to share about that.  I guess I just got behind in my blogging and need to find a way to keep up!!    I will leave you with a picture of Evy.  I just think they look so cute when they are cranky :)

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