Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Fun!

I have to say, it has been so much fun playing with the girls this summer!!! We have been doing lots of fun things.... going to parks, the zoo, factory tours, etc.

I was watching the news one morning and it said that there was going to be a "garage sale" at this place called Hammond's Candies.  I thought.... hmmm.... candy.... a sale.... I have to go!  I called my friend and asked her if she was up for an adventure, and she said, "Of course!" We got a little lost going to this factory because it was sort of in the warehouse district in Denver.  The GPS took us right there, but the building was set a little bit off from the road.

Evy- at the zoo

Charlotte- at the zoo

Charlotte- yummy stroller! ha ha

Charlotte- sleeping... finally! 

Evy- just waking up from her nap while strolling around the zoo

My friend Nina and I at Hammond's Candies

Charlotte was not amused

Neither was Evy

Charlotte ended up eating the hat haha

Evy didn't want to wear it either... but it was so cute!

This was one of the rooms that had the "garage sale" candy.  All candy canes and lollipops were $1!

Inside the factory.... where the magic happens!  They were making candy canes

Charlotte- eating her shirt

I set the free broken candy cane that I got on Evy's lap while we strolled around the store.  I didn't expect her to try and eat it!!

Charlotte ate her shirt while Evy tried to get to the good stuff

I want this one now, Mom!

It was a really really really hot day and neither my friend nor I have central a/c.  She doesn't have anything and I just have a swamp cooler.  We decided to swing by her new neighborhood so that I could check out the outside of her house!  (And sit in the nice cold car!)  When we entered her neighborhood I noticed an amazing looking park so we decided to stop!  We lathered the girls up with sunblock, changed their diapers and let them play in the grass for a couple minutes.  Charlotte was very hesitant and didn't really want to touch the grass at first.  It was pretty cute.

Charlotte and Evelyn- Char has her hands in the air as if saying, "Woah, what is this stuff??? It feels funny!"

Just looking around

Charlotte- swinging with her sister

Evy- hanging on for dear life!

Me and my friend Nina

Char & Evy
 After the girls played in the grass for a while and swung on the swings, I saw an awesome T-Rex mouth!  The original plan was to put the girls IN the T-Rex mouth and take their picture, but it wasn't set up for little ones to sit in.  So, I put them in the sand instead.  They hadn't ever seen sand before and I wasn't really sure what they would do.  They both really enjoyed playing with the sand!  I just love watching them discover new things!  Charlotte likes to "discover" by eating everything, so that's what she did.  Evy just kept grabbing handfuls of sand and watched it fall back out.


Evy & Char


The girls had so much fun at the park that day!!  They loved the sand so much that I went out and bought one of those green turtle sandboxes.  But, since I've had it, it has been over 100 degrees every single day!  I don't want to risk any sunburns.

Another day, Brian and I decided to go to this big park right by our house.  I'd driven by it a billion times, but never stopped.  The park includes playgrounds, a really nice walking path around a lake, several pavilions, and an amphitheater.  We were originally just going to the playground but the girls looked really tired so we decided to walk around the lake.  I think it was about 1.5miles around and about halfway there is a Barnes&Nobles so we stopped for a cold drink :)

Evy- eating her foot. Yummmm

Evy & Char- I just love putting them together in the swing!

Evy & Char

My friend Nina and I always like to find adventures in our own backyard.   While we were driving to the park with the T-Rex, we saw a sign for a botanic garden that we didn't know existed.  It was close to home, and the admission was only $5/car so we decided to go one day!  When we got there, it was super hot and sunny.  Little did we know the weather was going to change and severe weather was moving in!

This place had a lot of paths to walk around and one of the "attractions" was an old time farm looking place with a chicken coop.  The girls just loved listening to the chickens!


Double trouble in their double stroller!  Charlotte just looooved the chickens.  Look at her face!

I spotted these neat looking flowers.  I may need to find out what they are and plant some.  Beautiful!

Me and the girls (Evy in front, Charlotte in the back)

There was a cute little barn in the background that is used for wedding receptions.

The weather kept getting cooler and cooler.  We got out of the woods and this is what we saw.  It was time to head back to the car!

Nina and the barn

Me and Nina

Evy- looking very serious!

Charlotte- trying to spill her bottle all over herself!

Mama's big girls in their double stroller! About 8 months old

This picture isn't that great, but it was the only one I took at that moment.... The girls were only 5 days old and on their way to their first doctor's appointment! I think Evy is in the front and Charlotte is in the back.  


Kelly said...

The park is the best for exploring!

And itsnt it crazy how fast time flies by?!

Jill said...

They are too cute. Sounds like lots of fun adventures!