Monday, July 30, 2012


The girls are sleeping as great as ever!  They go to bed around 7pm (sometimes staying up playing until 8) and wake up around 6:30am.  Evy is seriously teething right now and sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night screaming.  I hate just leaving her, but the the crying usually stops in about a minute and she falls back asleep.

I, on the other hand, am having a terrible time sleeping.  I keep having these weird dreams about having a singleton instead of twins, etc.  I'm sure both babies are just fine, but those dreams just freak me out!  I've been trying to go to bed early as well.  Work starts on August 15th and I will have to actually get up at 6am not not take any naps until I get home.  I might make it a point this year to try and work only my contracted hours and not stay late at school very often.  That way I get to see the girls and Brian more before its bedtime.

Some of our good friends are also having some troubles so our friend John stayed over at the house last night.  He could be staying for up to a week or two and I just don't sleep right when someone is staying at the house.    I don't mind that he's here because I know he needs a place to say so I just hope I can get a better night's sleep than I did last night.  Today I will be taking a nap when the girls do.... that I know for sure.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Super Exhausted

Wow, have I been tired lately.  I feel like I could just sleep all day.... but I obviously cannot.  I don't remember being this tired with the girls, but I probably was.  I am just thankful that the girls still take a couple of amazingly long naps right now so I can nap too.

I go back to work in 2.5 weeks and the beginning of the year is by far the most exhausting.  I will get up at 6am or earlier and get home around 5 or 6pm and then have to make the girls dinner and get whatever else done around the house.  I'm sure I will be going to bed when they go to bed at 7pm ha ha.

Charlotte has been doing the cutest thing lately.... if you sneeze or just say "ah choo"  she will imitate you!  Its pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Evy was pretty cranky last week and cut another tooth on Tuesday! I think there is a 4th one there as well, but it hasn't quite broken through yet.  They are right on the top.  She has a lot of "tooth buds" or whatever you want to call them that look like they have teeth right behind so I think she's going to have a full mouth of teeth before we know it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Symptoms

I was so hesitant to think that this actually worked so I didn't really want to write about my "symptoms" unless that's what they actually were :)

My first indication I was pregnant was that I could drink milk or anything with lactose in it. I am very lactose intolerant except when pregnant!  I had something with dairy in it during the 2ww and didn't get sick at all so that was a great sign.  Also, food has tasted very salty lately.  I generally put salt on everything and I haven't had to do that.  I even asked Brian if he thought it was too salty and he said no.... and he doesn't like to add salt to his food.  I've also been extremely tired (now I know why!)   I have been getting up in the middle of the night 2-3x to go to the bathroom as well.  Within the last couple of days I have felt a bit nauseated.  I thought at first maybe it was just in my mind, but its so not.  I don't feel like I'm going to throw up or anything but just have a general icky feeling.

The weirdest symptom so far that I've had is a stretching feeling in my uterus.  At first I thought it was my period starting, but that's obviously not the case.  It almost feels as though it vibrates for a few seconds and then stops.  I don't remember feeling this with Char and Evy but every pregnancy is different, right?

The cat also came up and sat in my lap a lot.... she doesn't normally do that and so that was another sign I was pregnant!

So, overall I am feeling pretty good! Minus the exhausted part (Seriously, why am I not napping right now while the girls are sleeping???) and the slightly nauseated part.  I hope I can stay a little bit more relaxed during this pregnancy than I was with the girls.  I would get so worked up before every single appointment because I was just so worried about them.  This go around I won't have the summer to go to appointments and just sit around.... and I'm going to try and work up until the end unless it becomes unsafe to do so.  I will also have to use my sick days strategically so that I don't run out.  I will have 9 sick and personal days to use so if I only use them in half day increments it should be okay.  I think I only have 2 left from the last school year that I accrued after my maternity leave.  So there it is! I am pregnant with twins again!  Char and Evy both get their own siblings!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Double the trouble, Double the fun!

We have twins again!!

Baby A is measuring 7weeks 2 days (I am 6 weeks 6 days) with a heart rate of 136!

Baby B was measuring 6 weeks 4 days with a heart rate of 124!

I am going to have to find new names for them since Charlotte is my Baby A and Evy is my Baby B :)

We are very happy and a little bit shocked!

The nurse practitioner asked us if we had any concerns and I said I was concerned about Baby B so she said we can come back in 1 week instead of 2!  I also scheduled my 1st OBGYN appt. for August 13th.  Woah!


The ultrasound i in 2.5hrs and I am super nervous!!  My beta numbers looked great and everything should be fine but I just can't help but to be crazy scared.  I guess I have just tried to shield myself in case something happens so that I'm not a complete wreck.

Oh! Also, I got my bill resolved from the fertility clinic.  I asked about all the labs and the lady said that those were part of the FET package and that she would adjust them.  Phew!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Triple Whammy

So yesterday after my window fell down and I had taken it to get it fixed, the guy called and told me that my front brakes needed replacing.  I found a coupon for 20% off so that helped.

When I went to pick up my car from the dealership, the guy then told me I needed two new front tires!  Great.  

THEN, I got home and checked the mail and found a $900 bill from the REs office.  Seriously?  It was for a bunch of blood work that is supposed to be covered by my $4750 FET cost.  The worst thing is that I couldn't even call them right then and there because it was Saturday....... so I guess I will just have to call first thing Monday morning to get things worked out.  There is no way I owe them that money.    Along with MY bill, I also got SOMEONE ELSE's bill!!  What!  Its such confidential private information and I would be pretty upset if someone else received my bill with my private information on it.  Its pretty bad.  They could probably get in big trouble for that.  It was obviously just the next person in the alphabet and they accidentally just stapled her bill to my bill... but still!  

It was all just very overwhelming to get hit with a bunch of stupid things that I was not expecting.  

On a happy note, the girls are doing great!  Evy is a crawling machine lately!!  Glad she finally caught on :) 

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Not much new...

Ultrasound is scheduled for Tuesday at 1:00pm!

Window on my car broke today and is going to cost an arm and a leg.  We got in the car, I shut the door and the window fell down.  Yay for spending money on stupid things.  not.

Mom and sister are here visiting!!! We went to Estes Park yesterday.... pictures to follow :)

Going to the zoo on Monday if its not too hot!!  Today we were supposed to go to the pool or beach, but the car broke so I'm getting that fixed instead.  Now my mom and sis are having Sangria at 1:00 instead.  :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

9 Months Old!

My two beautiful baby girls are 9 months old!  They have changed so much from when they were born!!  They are each about 3x their birth weights and are turning into such interesting little people.

How they measure up!
Height: 28 inches 62%
Weight: 19lbs 5oz 55%
Head:  45cm 80%

Height: 28 inches 62%
Weight: 21lbs 9oz 89%
Head: 48.5cm 100+%

Charlotte is a little mover and a shaker.  She is very comfortable pulling herself up on everything.  She really likes to stand up and cry when its nap time but eventually sits herself back down and goes to sleep.  Evy just literally started pulling herself up a couple days ago.  I was sitting on the floor playing with them and she climbed up me.  Immediately after, she fell on the floor and cried... but she was okay.  Then, yesterday while in the bathtub Evy pulled herself up on the side of the tub!  Charlotte will sit herself back down, but Evy just cried and waited for mama to rescue her.  Charlotte has been crawling for a while now. (Since about 7.5 months) and until last week, Evy has just been rolling her way around the living room.  Evy started with a very timid army crawl and is now making her way all around the house by crawling!  She doesn't always get her tummy off the floor... she's still working on that, but she is definitely mobile now.   Evy finally sits herself up now too!!  Brian told me before that he'd seen her do it, but I hadn't seen it so it didn't count.  Mommy has to see it for it to count :)

Both girls just love to chat up a storm.  Charlotte is really starting to come out of her shell in the vocal department.  She loves to crinkle up her face and say "Nyah Nyah Nyah," and "Ah! Ah!" and just look at you like, "Yeah, you heard me!." She also likes to yell just to hear her own voice.   Evy likes to talk as well and make tons of cute little noises.  She makes the sweetest sounds like she is talking to someone.  I will have to find one of the videos that I took of her "talking."  She also likes to make other funny noises by vibrating her lips (not sure what you'd call that) and smacking her lips together.    They both also cry for their mama when they don't want to nap or fall and are sad little girls.  They were on a roll with mama and dada for a while but we haven't heard it as much lately.

Both girls are wearing 12 month clothes and sometimes 18 month onesies!  I just can't believe how big they are getting!!  They both still wear size 3 diapers but the huggies size 3 are too small for Evy.  The pampers work great though!  They drink 3-4 8oz bottles per day and are eating 2-3 real meals.   For breakfast they have been getting fruit such as blueberries, or bananas,  scrambled eggs (sometimes with veggies or avocados mixed in), whole wheat pancakes, or french toast.  They both absolutely loved the blueberries they got the other day and the french toast seems to be a big hit.

For lunch or dinner they have been getting a lot of zucchini, shredded cheddar cheese, all natural deli turkey, and whole wheat tortillas.  I just cut up the zucchini really small, cook it, and put it in a Rubb.ermaid container.   That way its all ready to go when I need it!  I tried giving them red peppers, but it gave Evy a terrible diaper rash so that had to go.   They also still get some baby "puffs" and random things to taste.  I went with a friend to the Chees.ecake factory the other day and let the girls try the whipped cream that came on my cheesecake.   I mean, who doesn't love whipped cream?? They sure loved it!  

Its really nice now that they can feed themselves a little bit.  I am doing more cooking for them, but while they are feeding themselves I also have more time to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes.  Charlotte really is miss independent and likes to feed herself.  I try to put something in her mouth and she turns her head away... but if I just offer the food, she will take it out of my hand and try it herself.  I think that Evy is going to be right handed but I'm not sure about Charlotte yet.  Charlotte will eat with both hands but has better control of her food with her left hand actually.  She will just pick up a tiny piece of food and put it straight into her mouth where with her right hand she sometimes puts her whole hand in her mouth just to get the food in.

Charlotte is still a very observant little girl.  I keep telling Brian that she's going to be our little scientist.  She likes to put everything in her mouth to try and figure it out.  Evy doesn't put as many things in her mouth (which is nice.)

Both girls are still very good sleepers!  They fall asleep anywhere between 6:30-8:00pm.  We usually put them down before 7:00 and sometimes they play with each other until they fall asleep.  They wake up around 6:00-7:00am.  I change their diapers, give them each a bottle and lay them back down.  They will generally go back to sleep until about 8:00-8:30 and then get their "real" breakfast.  After breakfast is over and cleaned up we play until they start rubbing their eyes at about 9:30-10:00.  They will usually take a solid 2-2 1/2 hour nap which is great!!  They wake up, play some more, sometimes eat lunch, and sometimes drink a bottle.  It just depends on the day and what we have planned.  Its much more challenging to try to feed them finger food on the go.  They take another nap around 3:00-3:30 and sleep for an hour or hour and a half.  After that, its dinner, bath, and bed time.  They are usually so messy from dinner that they need a bath!  Speaking of which, just this past week or so, we have started giving the girls baths in the "real" bathtub!  They absolutely love it!

Evy loves to lay down on her back and splash with her legs as hard as she can!  Charlotte likes to try and climb OUT of the tub!  (And chew on the side of the tub... gross!)  They both really like it when the doggie comes to visit them while they are taking their bath.  The other day he came in and licked their hands and faces while they were in there and they thought it was the funniest thing on earth!  They were both just laughing and laughing and couldn't stop!  They love the dog so much!  They also love to try and pet the kitty.  I swear the other day Evy said something that sounded like "tee-ta" in reference to the kitty.  It was probably a coincidence, but it sure was cute.  They have been great about being gentle with both Urza and Luna.  They haven't pulled out any fur in a while... which is a good thing :)

They are just growing up so fast!  I love spending the summer with them and being able to be there for them every day.  I am not afraid to take them places by myself and often do!  They love sitting in the cart at the grocery store and in the special two kid carts at or Sam's Cl.ub.    They love rolling around the mall in their new stroller and pretty much just doing whatever!  I took them to the pool for the first time although I did not dare do that by myself.  That would just be scary.  They loved the water!  I got them some infant floaties with leg holes so that they won't just go right through.  I think Charlotte enjoyed it more than Evy did, but I think she was just getting tired.

I am so nervous about going back to school in August.  I just know how they react sometimes when I leave the house without them and they stay home with daddy for a bit.  Sometimes they are okay and sometimes they just cry. :(  They do love their daddy and love hanging out with Sherrie when we are both working but its still hard.  Hopefully though, this pregnancy will go without a hitch and I will be back at home in late February and continue until the summer is over.  I still haven't scheduled my ultrasound yet.  I left two messages with the nurse last week and she never called me back.  If she doesn't call back today, I guess I will just call and schedule the ultrasound for when I think it should be. :)

Oh, and my mom and sister are coming back out here on Thursday and staying until Tuesday!  Can't wait!

And now for some pictures :)



Evy- trying out our new toy basket

Just taking a snooze


Charlotte using her sister as a pillow- comfy!

Charlotte using her sissy as a pillow- again!


Daddy and Evy

Me with my girlies! Getting ready to go to Brian's cousin's son's birthday party!

Mama and Evy

Charlotte and Evelyn in their party dresses

Char and Evy playing with giant Leggos

Trying out the new stroller- They LOVE IT!

Shopping trip to Sam's.  They make carts for two kids!!

Potty training already? LOL They had the teeniest potties at Sam's!

Charlotte had to try it out too

Char and Evy on the 4th of July

Eating breakfast at the big table!!

Yummm, pancakes!

This is one of my favorites.  Charlotte loves to cuddle up with Evy

First bath in the big tub!

Girls lunch out! Charlotte with Nina

Mama and Evy

Swimming in the back yard- Charlotte

Playing with the doggie in the kiddie pool

This is so fun mom!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 weeks!

Tomorrow I will be 5 weeks.  Two whole weeks until the ultrasound.  Its such a long wait, but I can do it.  I'm trying to not wish away what small amount of time I have left this summer with my girls!  I go back to work on August 15th... just over a month away!  Why does the summer go by so fast???

I haven't really had any symptoms so far and I don't remember really having any with the girls either.  What I do remember though is that I did not lift anything over about 10lbs during pretty much the entire pregnancy.  If I didn't have to lift anything now, I wouldn't but its just not an option.  The girls really need their mama!!!

It is becoming increasingly more obvious how much the girls have become attached to me this summer.  I mean, Brian's around but I really take care of the girls most of the day.  I think he has changed about 15 diapers since school let out in May!   I guess he'll have his chance to change more diapers once I go back to school :)  I just really hope the girls will adjust okay when I go back to work.  It just kills me thinking about them crying for their mama and I can't be there to console them.

Nothing's really new around here I suppose.  Just trying to keep busy and keep my mind off of this awful wait!!  It doesn't help though that I have been waking up around 4am to pee and not being able to get back to sleep.  Its pretty annoying, but I'll take it!  Anything for the babies :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012


For the last several days I have been absolutely starving.  I thought maybe it was just in my mind, but after seeing the betas I could be growing two humans again.  Its only 11:30am and this is what I have eaten so far today:

1 peach
1 banana
approx. 1/3 of a honeydew melon
some chex mix "muddy buddy" chocolate peanut butter yummy stuff
some chips and dip
a tomato and avocado sandwich (my favorite!) with 1/2 a tomato and 1/2 an avocado

Some days I don't even eat breakfast until 10am!  

The girls ate some eggs with avocados mixed in for breakfast and I think they liked it!  Avocados are so slippery that I thought they would be easier to eat if they were mixed right in with their eggs.  I think more ended up on the floor and smashed into their clothes but its okay!  They also tried sippy cups for the first time today.  I put water in them just to try it out and Charlotte seemed to really enjoy drinking her water.  Evy wasn't sure at first but I think she got some water out as well.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

9 Months + 9 More!!

The girls were 9 months old yesterday!!! Annnnnnddd hopefully there will be another baby in 9 more months!! Yay!

The beta for Wed. at 9dp5dt was 241 and today's beta at 12dp5dt was 916!

We were looking for the number to double in 48 hours and it doubled in around 36 hours. I didn't talk to "my" nurse today because it was Saturday so a random nurse called me.  I will be following up with my nurse on Monday to schedule the 7 week ultrasound (in 2 1/2 weeks) and probably weekly E2 and P4 draws just to make sure that all stays okay.

So, for today, I'm pregnant! Yay!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Evy's Head

I took the girls to their 9 month appointment today and for the most part everything was fine.  (I will post their stats, monthly pics, etc. later)

The doctor has been watching Evy's head since she was probably 2 months old because it has been on the bigger side.... which means over the 100th percentile.  She said that if her head made the growth curve pattern then we wouldn't worry about it, but if it just kept going up without curving then maybe I would have to take her to a specialist.

Today's visit her head was still very large and didn't make a curve.  Evy also doesn't crawl and doesn't pull up by herself yet so she's a little bit behind.  Because of those two factors, the doctor is referring us to a neurosurgeon at Children's Hospital here in town.  She said its probably nothing, but would like us to consult a specialist "just in case."  I really hope she doesn't have to do any scans... if they do an MRI, she would have to be put out and I just don't want to see my baby like that.

The doctor did also say that babies are individuals and all develop a little bit differently.  Its just hard not to compare them when they are twins.

Beta no. 2 tomorrow!  I will be getting up at 5am again to have Brian give me the progesterone shot..... I have to take that at least 2 hrs before I go in and the lab opens at 7am :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4am & POAS

I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping the past few nights.  I have been waking up to pee in the middle of the night and not been able to go back to sleep.  Last night it was at 2am so I put on this movie called Ramen Girl.  It was kinda stupid, but apparently entertaining enough to keep me awake for 2 hours to watch it.  I thought or sure I would fall back asleep at some point.  Tonight I woke up at 3:15am to pee and here we are at 4:06 and I am not really tired at all.  This is getting pretty old if you ask me.....

Today I am 8dp5dt.  This is the day that I had my first beta with the twins.  Why do they make me wait one more day this cycle?? Geez.  The nurse even called last week and said that if I had plans on the 4th of July that I could come in on the 5th for my 1st beta.  Yeah right!  I told her that I didn't want to wait any longer and she just reminded me that my "official" pregnancy test wasn't until Saturday anyways.  They used to not even call with the 1st beta results but since they started the online thing where you can check your levels they have started calling on the 1st one because people are looking it up online and probably not really knowing what it means.

I ordered 20 of the cheapie preggo tests from the internet and they are almost gone already.  I used a bunch to test out booster shots and then to see what was happening.....  I figured that if the test was positive yesterday morning then it was probably a real positive, and it was!  I tested a couple more times yesterday and I got a pretty good line on the cheapies so I am feeling okay about this.  I also bought 3 FRER tests (that I had a coupon for!) so I will bust that out probably sometime this morning to see if there is still a line there.

I guess it will be good that I've been a night owl because tomorrow I have to do my PIO injection before 5am.  I have to take the shot 2-4 hours before I get my blood drawn and I have to go to the lab between 7-9:30am since it is a holiday.  Of course, I don't want to be sitting around waiting to go to the lab at 9am so I am making Brian get up early and give me the darn shot.  And if we sleep in and don't get it in time? Well, I think I'm still going at 7am.  My levels of progesterone have been good (around 30) and I'll just tell them what time I did the shot.

So, now instead of being worried about the test being positive, I am worried about what the number is.  Here's for the 24hr wait.  Ready, set, GO!