Friday, July 6, 2012

Evy's Head

I took the girls to their 9 month appointment today and for the most part everything was fine.  (I will post their stats, monthly pics, etc. later)

The doctor has been watching Evy's head since she was probably 2 months old because it has been on the bigger side.... which means over the 100th percentile.  She said that if her head made the growth curve pattern then we wouldn't worry about it, but if it just kept going up without curving then maybe I would have to take her to a specialist.

Today's visit her head was still very large and didn't make a curve.  Evy also doesn't crawl and doesn't pull up by herself yet so she's a little bit behind.  Because of those two factors, the doctor is referring us to a neurosurgeon at Children's Hospital here in town.  She said its probably nothing, but would like us to consult a specialist "just in case."  I really hope she doesn't have to do any scans... if they do an MRI, she would have to be put out and I just don't want to see my baby like that.

The doctor did also say that babies are individuals and all develop a little bit differently.  Its just hard not to compare them when they are twins.

Beta no. 2 tomorrow!  I will be getting up at 5am again to have Brian give me the progesterone shot..... I have to take that at least 2 hrs before I go in and the lab opens at 7am :)


Amanda said...

I can't wait for your beta tomorrow!

I'll certainly keep Evy in my prayers. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, but as a mommy you have to worry about everything!!! And AMEN to all babies are individuals and they all develop differently. I may just get a tattoo that says something of the sort. =)

MammaV. said...

I hope all will go well at the children hospital, I think that it's ok not to crawl at 9 months. Especially with twins... Anyway I hope the neurosurgeon will give you reassurance. Keep us posted!

Best of luck tomorrow for your Beta, I am going in for my first Beta at 9am, I'm so tired these days, hope it's a good sign!